Introducing the Transport 4 Two​​

All Aboard the Penny Trail Express​​​!
The Penny Trail Express is a totally unique concept in the personal transport. Two individuals can ride in this transport chair while being pushed  by a single caregiver.  Everyone is trying to do more with less  in today's world.  Our product does this on many levels. The most obvious way the Transport 4 Two does this is by enabling you to singlehandedly transport two walking impaired people to the same location.
  People are living longer,although their physical health may not always last. A married elderly couple need to go to a doctor's appointment. That alone is an exhausting event for the couple as well as the caregiver. With the Transport  4 Two double transport chair,   they both  "hop in" the Transport 4 Two chair and away they go. Everyone is happy...the couple is happy that they can go places together and the caregiver is happy because one trip does it all. The passenger combinations are many.  A young mother with a small child and her grandmother, a wife with a disabled husbandand elderly parent, or even a single rider with luggage or even medical equipment. 
The transport chair is useful in many markets.  Obviously, it is sold as a personal transport chair for individuals. Nursing homes, assisted living communities, group homes, out-patient centers, as well as hospitals, benefit from this chair. One caregiver can easily manage two residents/patients in any of these settings.  This makes the caregiver more productive. The passengers are safer, and the experience is less stressful for all.  
This chair is not only be useful in medical communities, but also it is beneficial in venues that involve moderate amounts of walking, such as amusement parks, zoos, airports, and  malls. The possibilities are endless!
       All Aboard!